Chef's Background

 The owner and the chef in the restaurant Wok & Pan, Mr. Richard Lim starts his restaurant since year 2005 when he reached his retired age. He has nearly 40 years experiences in culinary sector and worked as executive chef in Renaissance Hotel in Malacca over 18 years. When he works in hotel, Mr. Lim always travels to oversea to gain experiences from other hotel. Mr. Lim is expert in cooking western and Asian style food. He also know others cooking skills like pantry and baking. The good leadership skills that Mr. Lim learn from his role as an executive chef in hotel bring him a lot of benefits when he decided to start his own business. He decided to do his own business as interest after his retired, because he felt stress to his work in hotel and due to his health problem. Before he started to open his own restaurant, he do a market survey on the location and the food price. He is enjoyable with his own business and the smiles of customers when they having meals in his restaurants. He also said that " business do not count on luck, you must have good food to attract new customer and remain the old customer."