Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A little about.....
Wok & Pan East Meets West Cuisine Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Melaka Raya, the town in Melacca. The restaurant was established since year 2005.The owner and also the chef of this restaurant was the ex-Executive Chef for Melaka Renaissance Hotel. There is a combination of western and eastern food serves in this restaurant, which the reason the restaurant is named. " Wok" stands for Asian style food while "Pan"is about the western food. Their signature dishes is the BBQ smoked honey pork ribs, which is the best in Melacca. The are several chef recommended dishes which are the pork chop, steaks, burger and their nyonya food. During their business hour, the restaurant will be full of people. The restaurant environment was simple and casual which everyone can dine at here. The food are outstanding and amazing, which their price are also reasonable and affordable by everyone.